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October 2017
The Rental Housing Alliance Oregon is a volunteer based, not for profit 501c3 Oregon corporation. The Board of Directors is made up of 15 members, 3 affiliates, the Office Manager and our paid lobbyist, Cindy Robert of ZRGroup. The governing controls, bi-laws, financial accounting and reporting, and the rules of procedure are highly regarded and diligently respected. RHA Oregon has a decades-long history as an utterly professional organization that is, simply put, sterling in its structure.
Being on the Board is a rewarding experience for anyone who wants to “be in the know” on current trends and issues in the rental housing industry. But the legislative insights that we become privy to are just the start of what we get as insiders.
The meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. They begin at 5:00pm at the RHA Oregon Conference Annex in NE Portland with a 30 minute networking time, and a there is an always-different catered dinner to enjoy.
Guests are welcome to observe the meetings. We follow our agenda as best as possible and usually end by 7:30. It’s not too unusual for enthusiastic discussions to take us on some detours, which keep the meetings exciting and informative. Committee heads are asked to give their reports and we set aside time to complete “old business” along with presenting “new business” for on-going discussion and action items. Committees may be chaired by non-directors, so often guests learn they can take an active role in projects that have personal meaning to themselves.
Having a common interest in providing quality affordable and safe housing as a business is the basic foundation of our association. The desire to take an active role in our community and the willingness to provide a service is the brick and mortar that we build it with. The chance to improve our own personal businesses and make profitable connections is the true bread and butter that provides real satisfaction.
I honestly believe that if other landlords and affiliates found out how much value there is in getting more involved with RHA Oregon, we would have a waiting list for new directors!
October is the month when we recruit members to replace our out-going board directors who are cycling off the roster. If you have been approached, I encourage you to accept.
But here is the exciting news: You are also able to nominate yourself! I hope you take us up on this.
Ron Garcia
President RHA Oregon
Garcia Group