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August 2017
Aww, August. Finally, the dog days of summer have arrived!It’s time to sit on the porch with an iced cold beverage and relax as we idle away the afternoons. We can casually take stock of our year drifting by, and dream of good times to come. Sip. Sip. (Nap.) Summertime, and the living is easy… yawn… 
(….Oh gee, it seems that the 2017 legislative session ended in July and HB 2004 died… No new rent control bills got passed…. How sweet is that...Yawn…) 
Wake up! I think I was day-dreaming?? Maybe I fell off my rocker and bumped my head? 
I mean, really, did that just actually occur? Is it time to freshen up that iced cold drink and celebrate? 
Well, hold onto that thought. Yes, the 2017 legislative session ended in July and HB 2004 failed to pass. 
But if RHA Oregon members think their lawmakers are done trying to enact new restrictions on landlords, we are really living in a dream – and this one may likely become a nightmare. 
The 2017 legislative session was one of the most arduous sessions ever. One thing is for sure: They have promised to revise their efforts in the 2018 short session which is really just a few months away. Think cold snowy winter nights. In February. Very scary. 
It is safe to say that with all that happened in the House and Senate this year, there is NO CAUSE to think we have STABALIZED our rental income or for us to RELOCATE our objectives to prevent RENT CONTROL. 
Maybe it’s no coincidence that the celebrated end of this current slack-filled season is called Labor Day. Because one thing is certain – members of The Rental Housing Alliance Oregon have a lot of work to do. 
We all need to write more letters and provide more testimony. We will need to re-emphasize our points. 
Bad housing policies hurt the very people they are trying to help. We all want safe and stable housing. Yet we all need to be able to articulate our concerns that restricting our efforts to run our business as professional Rental Housing Providers is not the answer to an affordability crisis brought on by the same government that is now trying to blame us and make us pay for solutions that their bad policies created. 
We all need to spend some time this month, in our “relaxed” state of mind, to learn how to talk with a single, strong and convincing voice to urge our representatives to see beyond the rhetoric and extreme cases; to enact good, stable, reasonable policies that won’t provide merely perceived protections that solve nothing except to kick the can down the road at the expense of the group (Our Group) that carries the burden to make it work. In other words? Don’t make it so expensive or restrictive for us landlords to provide quality rentals that the only solution is to sell them to investors who will raise the rents higher! 
I know - I get worked up. Maybe somebody needs to give me something cool to drink to calm down! 
Hey, I have a great August idea. Let’s all get together socially, and talk through this stuff, so we can actually come together as a united organization, and have a good time doing it. What do you think? 
Join me and other members and directors of the Rental Housing Alliance Oregon at Oaks Park on August 9th for our annual Picnic! Bring the gang and enjoy the last few good days of summer with a bunch of people who all share a common goal of working hard and enjoying what life has to offer. See you there! 
Ron Garcia, RHA Oregon President