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July 2017
I love the 4th of July. It is a day that really makes me proud to be an American. When I watch the fireworks it always makes me feel proud, yet humbled. It’s a great day to celebrate – but it’s also a lot more than just hot dogs, sparklers, and parades. It is about patriotism and sacrifice.
As I reflect on what it means to live in a free society, I’m reminded of a suggestion that has been made by some, that our country should build a “Statue of Responsibility” in the San Francisco Bay to compliment the Statue of Liberty in the New York Harbor.
Personal freedoms ought to be exercised with respect and consideration. Just because we “can” do something, does not mean we “should” do it. It’s fair to be entitled – but it should be encouraged to be generous. I wish we all might take more stock of our duties, even if it means relaxing a bit on our rights.
In other words: Sure - I get annoyed when I go through TSA checkpoints at the airport – but I appreciate the need to contribute to the safety of our airways... I may hope that I’m not called for Jury Duty, but I still feel privileged and honored to fulfill the role of being on a panel of my peers.
As a landlord, I want to make sure I get a good return on my investment properties – yet I appreciate the concerns of tenants who worry about their ability to maintain an affordable, safe and stable living environment. I understand that being a rental housing provider carries a responsibility beyond profits – and I am prepared and eager to adequately maintain the condition and habitability of my rentals and work to keep my good tenants for the long run, even if I am not always at “market rent.”
Now, in the spirit of reflecting on our values and being of service, while having a good time in July, I am excited to remind you of the annual RHA Oregon “Starry Night Event.”
On Wednesday July 19th RHA Oregon will host our 4th annual Starry Night gala at our annex at 10530 NE Weidler Portland, OR 97220. It is our association’s way of saying “thank you” to all of its members and vendors who make our organization great. And it is our way to raise money for
charitable activities throughout our community. RHA Oregon has set the standard for community involvement for 90 years!
Please join us for this fun event to “let off a little steam.” It comes at a perfect time of the year – since the State Legislators have finally sounded the gavel and closed their session. Now we can assess the impact they have had on our industry, and the influence we may have had in protecting the rights of property owners statewide.
Starry Night is the time when we can casually network with one another at the same time we can unite as a group to make a difference for those less fortunate. I hope to see you there and, in the meantime, enjoy the fireworks!
Ron Garcia, RHA Oregon President