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September 2017
September is “Back to School” month. 
I never realized that going to a classroom qualified as a Shopping season. But I realize now that it is probably second only to the soon-approaching “Holiday Season”. It seems that the
marketing gurus discovered that they need to get us all in shape, so we can easily pull out our credit cards and swipe them in machines without any resistance! 
But as Ben Franklin said, “The only thing more expensive than education is ignorance”. And if you are a landlord in today’s rental market, the price for ignorance can be enormous! If you like spending money consider these not-so-luxurious purchases: 
• Mold problems not handled right? 
o If a tenant has mold-related losses (for a health-related problem or property damage), they may be able to sue their landlord in small claims court, if their claim is in the $3,000-
$10,000 range, (the small claims court limit in most states). 
• Fair Housing rules not carefully followed? 
o The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) receives about 100 complaints of housing discrimination a year. Portland is a landlord’s market right now, leaving residents particularly
vulnerable. BOLI fines typically start at $10,000. 
• Lead based paint not properly disclosed? 
o Federal law damages include both civil penalties of as much as $11,000 per violation and also up to 3 times the actual damages to any person injured as a result of the violation! 
• Decide to sell that old rental because you’re fed up? 
o Capital gains and depreciation can eat up all the sweat equity and improvements you’ve ever made in that duplex you’ve owned for years if you don’t structure the sale right. 
One of the biggest reasons to be a part of The Rental Housing Alliance Oregon is its commitment to professional training. Our organization is volunteer, non-profit, and member driven. 
Our Mission Statement says, “These members have joined together for the purpose of improving the success of the rental housing industry, enhancing the reputation of “landlords” by promoting professional management practices and assisting local public officials in various community endeavors relating to public and/or private housing.” 
Here are a few of the classes being offered this month. It’s worth the small fee to sign up. 
Online Tenant Screening Class 9/7, 9/22, 9/26 
1031 Exchange 9/14 
Fair Housing 9/21, 9/26 
Coming in October….. 
Mold clas 10/12 
The Dark Side of Property Management 10/19, 10/24 
Landlording 101 10/28 
If you decide to sign up for one or more of these courses, I am sure you will see how valuable they are. And if they prevent you from making some of the common mistakes of our business, you can share with everyone that, just like all those sales in the shopping malls, you spent your time and money here and were saved! 
We look forward to your continued participation! 
Ron Garcia, RHA Oregon President