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July 2018
Besides being a key lobbyist in the State of Oregon on behalf of smaller rental property owners, Rental Housing Alliance Oregon is known for its exceptional networking, excellent education, and massive generosity. 
As a non-profit organization, our Board of Directors work thousands of hours per year with no compensation. Our meetings are open to members, and I received this note from a new member who showed up as a guest this month: “Thank you for hosting me last night at the board meeting, I really enjoyed the content of the meeting and the crew. Last week Lynn mentioned during the happy hour that the board is a tight group. After meeting the board last night, I could not agree more.” 
A lot of our work revolves around the many diverse events that benefit our members. 
The monthly dinner meetings are a staple. Recently, with the efforts of the Dinner Committee headed by A.J. Shepard of Uptown Properties, we have seen new venues and an effort to move the locations around the Metro area, including N Portland, Tigard, Clackamas, the South Waterfront, and NE Portland. The meetings are continually well attended not only because of the excellent speakers, but also because of the wonderful comradery found at them. 
A newer strategy is the new inclusion of Vendor Sponsored Happy Hours. Without our Affiliate Members, the organization would cease to exist. Not only do vendors offer our members necessary services and products for the maintenance upkeep and financial well-being of our rental properties, they also spend their time and money supporting the various committees and events and provide quality training classes throughout the year. Lynn Whitney with Real Estate Roofing hosted June’s Happy Hour and can attest that our Affiliate Members are a key to RHA’s success in many, many ways. During the summer months, Rental Housing Alliance members are treated to 4 unique events that are worth noting (and participating in as well!) Working backwards: 
• In September, Contract Furnishings Mart sponsors a free dinner meeting at one of their locations to all members of RHA. They not only provide a great meal and beverages along with excellent presentations on cost-effective products that are tailored to rental properties, but Contract Furnishings Mart always continues to set the bar for other Affiliates in their dedication and service to RHA Oregon members. 
• In August, we continue with our long-standing tradition of hosting our member appreciation event: the Rental Housing Alliance Oregon Annual Picnic at Oaks Amusement Park. This year’s event is Wednesday August 8th, so mark it down. Vendors can donate for Bronze, Silver or Gold sponsorships. As always there will be fun for the whole family, including discounted ride bracelets, great food (including Phil Owen’s famous BBQ and Jim Herman’s massive quantities of KFC), and the best BINGO game of the year where the goal is to let no one go home empty-handed. 
• With the efforts of long-time member and former Office Manager, Alita Dougherty, RHA annually donates to the Kiwanis Doernbecher Golf Tournament held at Persimmon Country Club. Contact Bob Smith at 503-407-7021 or with any questions regarding the event, or the Kiwanis Doernbecher Children’s Cancer Program. 
• More than any other event, our annul “Under A Starry Night” charity auction is the stand out occasion of the year. It is held at the RHA Oregon building at 10530 NE Weilder. This year’s event is held on Wednesday July 18th at 6:00. There will be both a silent auction and an oral auction promising to provide the best values of any gifts and prizes found. Food is provided, and refreshments including wine donated by our Lobbyist Cindy Robert and beer are free to attendees. Proceeds from this event will be given to SnowCap Community Charities, “A philanthropic organization created to provide food, clothing, advocacy and other services to the poor”. Our goal is to raise $2,500 for their services. 
In closing, I want to thank all of our members, vendors, board of directors and donators for all of the marvelous work and effort you do. I receive so many messages from so many of you, (particularly regarding our current political involvement). An owner of a single rental in Clacakamas who lives in Virginia reminded me of how much appreciation there is as she recently urged “all I can ask you to do is keep your chin up…”.
Thanks! I will. 
Ron Garcia, RHA Oregon President