February 2021.
Like so many other seasons and events, it feels different this year.

Sure, we will still be watching the Super Bowl and celebrating Valentine’s Day. And a lot of us will take President’s Day off from work or school. But – so many of us are working from home nowadays, and home-schooling, (or don’t even have a job right now), that having a day off just doesn’t sound that exciting.

I am not sure how Cupid is fairing in this pandemic either. It seems like these days a great romantic date might be to go out and get the vaccination. And as difficult as that may be to pull off, it’s still probably easier than finding an open restaurant!

Our Super Bowl parties need to remain within our own pods now, instead of with our old friends. For me, that means my wife and I get to watch the game together. By ourselves. Like we watch TV every other night. Maybe we need to create Party Noise the way the stadiums create Crowd Noise in the absence of real people. Is there an app for that?

But this year, President’s Day has really taken on a renewed significance! Oh sure, we have a new guy in the Oval Office and once again proved to the world we could transfer power without ending up at war. But for me, it means being the newly re-elected President of the Rental Housing Alliance Oregon! It means that I can once again share my outlook with our members without risking my social media account status. What a great day!

So, let me share with you some great ways to spend some days in February as Landlords while we all battle the effects of COVID-19.  Here is what I am doing:

For me, I mourn the loss of some close friends. I stay socially distant and I hope to get vaccinated soon. I wear a mask. I’ve helped deliver food baskets at my church to the homeless.

And I am staying on top of the quick changing Eviction Moratorium regulations (as they both alter my relationship with my tenants and affect my income from rents) by attending a lot of zoom classes.

I am also going to apply for Landlord Relief to get 80% of my past owed rent paid back to me by the State of Oregon thanks to HB 4401 that was passed with our support from Rental Housing Alliance Oregon’s lobbying efforts. Go to this site now:  https://www.oregon.gov/ohcs/housing-assistance/Pages/landlord-compensation-fund.aspx

While I recognize that I am struggling a bit, I also know a lot of other Landlords are struggling a lot more. So what else can we do? Share your story! RHA Oregon has created a MobileCause app –it’s like a go-fund-me account for fellow Landlords.  We want to hear how you have been affected personally. Submit your situation and you will be eligible to receive some cash assistance. Go to https://igfn.us/e/UD5z9Q

Of course, we need your financial help too. You can donate from the website, or you can donate from your phone! Text rha2020 to 41444. It’s the most exciting thing I have done this month and it’s Super easy. A Heartfelt show of affection.  It may even give you a Presidential glow!  Hope you have a great February. Please donate now.

Learn more on our website at www.rhaoregon.org

Ron Garcia
RHA Oregon President