Rental Alliance Update

Rental Alliance Update is the monthly newsletter published by the Rental Housing Alliance Oregon.  The newsletter has up-to-date information on events, education, Oregon Landlord Tenant Laws, forms, and dinner meetings along with industry articles with helpful management practices.

Rental Alliance Update Newsletter Archives

Update Archives Here you can find links to archived newsletter from 2012 to 2016  RHA UPDATE NEWSLETTER ARCHIVES                          2012 Update Newsletter   2013 Update Newsletter   2014 Update Newsletter January 2012 Update Newsletter January 2013 Update...

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RHA December 2017 Update Newsletter

  How to Deal With Angry Occupants by Dakota Thornton As a property manager, you receive more than your daily dose of drama. Much of it happens as a result of spontaneous combustion from angry occupants. Here are some ways to diffuse the situation, often ahead of...

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RHA November 2017 Update Newsletter

Portland City Council Extends Housing Emergency Reprinted with permission from Rental Housing Journal The Portland City Council has extended its housing emergency declaration for another six months, including rules that require landlords to pay moving expenses of...

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RHA October 2017 Update Newsletter

  3 Strategies for Maximizing Resident Satisfaction By Cindy Wick To do more than keep up with the competition, you need an effective plan for attracting and retaining the best tenants. Multifamily remains one of the darlings of the real estate market, continuing to...

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RHA September 2017 Update Newsletter

5 Easy Steps to Deal with Resident Complaints By Petra Marquart “Oh no! Here comes that woman from apartment 302. You know, the one who’s always complaining”. Nothing can ruin a good day more quickly than a resident with a complaint! You see them coming through your...

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