Rental Alliance Update

Rental Alliance Update is the monthly newsletter published by the Rental Housing Alliance Oregon.  The newsletter has up-to-date information on events, education, Oregon Landlord Tenant Laws, forms, and dinner meetings along with industry articles with helpful management practices.

RHA July 2017 Update Newsletter

Under A Starry Night Event Come join RHA Oregon for a wonderful evening of music, food, and fun, all for a great cause supporting the community relations committee and their efforts to support housing agencies in our community. All money raised at the Under A Starry...

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RHA June 2017 Update Newsletter

Debunking Myths About Security Deposits It’s wise to collect a security deposit from renters, which can help you protect against property damage to your rental unit. However, if you don’t know the security deposit return procedures, you risk running afoul of rental...

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RHA May 2017 Update Newsletter

Mind Your Business - Tia’s Tips for Better Rental Management Test your rental management knowledge with Tia Politi's quiz. Are you the Mary Poppins of landlords or are you at risk of getting yourself into legal trouble? How will you score? See page 8 of the May Update...

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