The RHA Oregon Team

Executive Officers

President, Melinda McClelland (503)807-6154
President Elect, Jerad Goughnour (503)303-8545
Vice President, Phil Owen (503)244-7986 
Treasurer, Elaine Elsea
Secretary, Lynne Whitney (503)284-5522


Board of Directors

Rod Akroush
Violet Anderson (503)781-5680
Daniel Yahav (503)462-4334
Tamara Collins (503)932-9388
Jim Herman (503)645-8287
Charles Kovas (503)496-5543
Doug Moe (503) 737-9148
Katie O’Neal (503)352-6760

Jake Ramirez (503)899-7397
Sebastian Sanchez

Diana Lindemann (503)312-2530
John Sage (503)667-7971


It takes a great group of volunteers to make an organization run. Come join RHA Oregon’s Board of Directors and volunteer to make things happen. RHA Oregon is always looking for volunteers to chair committees. If you have great ideas, it only takes a couple of hours each month. Want to help? Reach out to any of the directors on the board.

Our Office Team

Ron Garcia

Executive Director

Ron bought his first rental property in 1980 and has been a landlord through the ups and downs of the market – pretty much ever since.
He joined Rental Housing Alliance in 2001 and became a Board Member in 2010. He has chaired the Education Committee, been the Legislative Director and twice served as President.
Ron is a respected voice advocating for rental property rights in Oregon. He has spent a great amount of time in both Salem and Portland City Hall.

He is an optimist and a collaborator and he continues to go up to bat every time he’s been struck out, knowing the game can change with a single fly ball!
In today’s unprecedented times, Ron has been honored by RHA Oregon to be hired as the first Executive Director in the association’s nearly 100 years.

Ron can be reached at [email protected] or 503/254-4723 ext.104

Photo of Cari Pierce, Office Manager

Cari Pierce

Office Manager

Cari joined the RHA Oregon team in spring of 2011. A short time later she took on the roll as Office Manager. The majority of her office experience comes from 17 years she spent in the medical field. Cari came to RHA following a short time as Office Coordinator for a Portland area property management company, and has worked in the industry since 2007. She also grew up in a family that owned rental property all of her life. She remembers many a time spending the day at the rental property with her grandparents while work was being done.

Cari enjoys spending time with family, playing games, visiting the beach, and is an avid movie-goer.

Cari can be reached at [email protected] or 503/254-4723 ext.101

Scott Kane

Special Projects & Marketing Representative

Scott joined RHA Oregon as the Special Projects and Marketing Representative on January 2nd of 2020. He brings with him two Master’s degrees. A Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in marketing (University of Portland),the other being a Master’s of Science in Communication (University of Portland), as well as undergraduate degrees with a double major in Finance & Marketing (Rutgers). Scott is a Navy veteran, who has fulfilled numerous customer service roles over the years as well as several years of management experience. Scott brings a fresh enthusiasm, a plethora of business knowledge & rental housing regulations knowledge, and two fingers on the pulse of the industry.

Scott enjoys spending time staying in and watching binge-worthy dramas & comedy series, and playing drums, poker, & video games.

Scott can be reached at  [email protected] Or (503) 254-4723 ext.103



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