2019 is Rental Housing Alliance Oregon’s 92nd year!


The Value of Being a Member

With over 2,000 members, most of whom are small business landlords, RHA Oregon has set the standard in Oregon for the housing industry. Here are just some of the benefits of joining:

  • Stay current with the Rental Alliance Update, our monthly newsletter with industry trends, changes in the law, a schedule of upcoming RHA Oregon events, and a complete list of our Affiliate vendor members who support the RHA.
  • RHA Oregon is an active group of members and industry vendors. We have activities every week from educational classes, dinner meetings, socials, networking opportunities, mentor groups and ways to serve the community.
  • Forms, Forms, Forms: RHA Oregon keeps our members current with the most currently revised rental forms for use by landlords throughout the state of Oregon, both in physical hard copy form and online downloadable form.
  • RHA Oregon offers reduced pricing on tenant screening services for its members available online 24 hrs/day through National Tenant Network.
  • RHA Oregon has the best government representation and allows our members to stay up to date with new and proposed legislation affecting your business. RHA Oregon has been the venue for local, city, and state leaders to address our membership.

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