January 2016
Always remember that a democracy depends on an informed and motivated public. We all need to be involved.

Welcome to 2016!!!!  I hope that each and every one of you has a Happy New Year!!!
RHA Oregon had a wonderful, exciting and busy 2015. Way back in January of last
year, I first took  office as President of this amazing organization. Thankfully, I am
blessed to have board members who are dedicated to serving RHA Oregon, and
knowledgeable with many different skill sets to draw upon when needed. As the year
progressed we found the need to tap into quite  a lot of those different skills.
Running your own business you know the many different hats that you have to put on,
on a daily basis. So you can image the variety of skills that are required to run an
organization like this. “Hats Off” to our board members for everything that they did
this last year to make it a wonderful experience. Also, I would like to say “Thanks “to our
members for  their support and commitment to being involved in their communities and
providing  quality affordable housing. Our members came out and supported our “Starry
Night” event in July of this year, raising enough money to sponsor getting another homeless family off of
the streets.  RHA Oregon partners with JOIN for this event and we serve lunch at JOIN’s location on 81St
Avenue once a month.  Our Annual PICNIC at Oaks Park was a success and had the largest attendance that
we have had in sometime. Alita Dougherty was the chair for this event and will be chairing the event in 2016.
Great job Alita, we are all looking forward to this year’s picnic. We also had a great time with good
food and conversation at our Christmas party in December. We installed our new Officers and directors
for this year’s board.

Much of our time in the last year has been spent keeping up with changes that the City of Portland has been
making in their effort to increase rental housing. So what is happening this coming year? 2015 was an interesting
year for property owners in Oregon and 2016 is starting out to be just as interesting. With the upcoming
Legislative “Short” session starting in February, things will probably get even more interesting. There will
be bills introduced for minimum wage, inclusionary zoning, and changes to notices. What other changes may
be coming? We will just have to keep our eye and ears open to find out. As always our lobbyist Cindy Robert
is working to keep us abreast of any legislation that could affect our businesses. Board members Phil Owen,
Jim Herman, and Jerad Goughnour also attend various committee meetings during the month and keep us
informed.  Be sure to check your emails and our website for information concerning any upcoming changes
or meetings. Always remember that a democracy depends on an informed and motivated public. We all need
to be involved.

Well, I didn’t want this first message of the New Year to be a call to action or a discourse on politics. Our
industry is seeing some challenges and changes. We have to be ready to get involved and make our voices
heard or we can sit back and let things wash over us and then pick up the pieces and move on.  I choose to get
involved and help to shape the decisions being made in City Halls across the state and in Salem. It isn’t easy!!
We have families, businesses to run, properties to take care of and a myriad of other things demanding our time.
I urge you to find a way to get involved. Whether it is being a part of a committee at RHA Oregon, donating
money to support a worthy cause, find something that gets you involved and do it.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the honor of being President of RHA Oregon for the last year. It
has been a lot of work and it was time well spent!!  I am looking forward to the rewards and challenges that
the coming year will bring. To each and every one of you a safe, happy and wonderful New Year!!
John Sage
President RHA Oregon
Stegmann Insurance Agency Inc.